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Sell On Sourcensave

There are over 50 million MSMEs and large Enterprises in India constantly looking to buy Industrial products. The type of products that sourcensave (SNS) deals with are required across multiple Industry segments.  Using the 24*7 “” portal as an enabler, SNS will provide you with an unmatched reach into this large expanding market through its vast direct sales network and analytically facilitated digital marketing for lead generation and conversion. Once you receive an order, all you need to do is make your product available in a packed condition as per SNS guidelines. SNS has tied up with several reputed logistics providers and will ensure that your product is picked up and delivered to the receiving dock of the customer by the promised timelines. SNS will act as your extended sales and marketing organization but at no additional fixed cost to you. You pay service charges only when a sale happens and realise the benefit of prompt and timely payments as per contract. The analytical experience and expertise of the leadership team, combined with their relevant Industrial experience, will ensure constant review of customer acqusition and retention models and will design focussed marketing campaigns and promotions.

And that is not all … SNS with its expertise and experience will provide you with timely suggestions about the latest market conditions and what our positioning should be. In addition, you will have access to Industry relevant analytical and consulting skills of a highly qualified SNS leadership team for support with your systems and operations..


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