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Bushings, Hubs & Adaptors

Bushings, Hubs and Adaptors

In Electric power a Bushing is an insulated Power Transmission system that allows an electrical conductor to pass safely through a grounded conducting barrier such as the case of a transformer or circuit breaker. A hub is a Power Transmission system which is the central part of a wheel that connects the axle to the wheel itself. Many expressions of the Hub Power Transmission system use the term for a literal or figurative central structure connecting to a periphery. An adapter or adaptor is a Power Transmission system that converts attributes of one electrical device or system to those of an otherwise incompatible device or system. Some Adaptors which are Power Transmission systems modify power or signal attributes, while other Adaptors which are Power Transmission systems merely adapt the physical form of one electrical connector to another. sourcensave is an Online One Stop Shop for all bushing, hubs and adaptors and Power transmission systems and allows you to shop from a variety of Top Genuine Brands like Fenner etc. sourcensave aims to bring about a significant transformational change in the Indirect material supply chain by cutting down inefficiencies and bringing in predictability through a suite of value added services.